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My view about paircoaching

Do you believe that 2 agile coaches pairing is a waste?

In my opinion you are wrong.

When a coach is alone in a coaching situation, even if the coach is fully present and listening, the following situations might happen:

  • She can miss signals in the audience . These missing signals are missing opportunities to explore what happens in the system

  • She can lose control over the goal of the audience or the time of the session

  • She can fall at the risk of being too biased by the system.

When coaching alone, one needs to alternate between the specific content level and its meaning and significance while also keeping control over time and the agreed rules of engagement.

When there are two coaches in the same situation, besides having more possibilities of avoiding the three points above, there are the following advantages:

  • The coaches can support each other on formulating, together with the audience, hypotheses of what can be going on.

  • The coaches can provide more reflective feedback.

  • Both coaches learn faster about the organisation and from each other.

So most of the time, in my opinion, having two coaches working with different groups is to be optimised for output rather than for outcome. For that reason I am participating in coaches communities that I highly trust such as Better Change Fellowship or Angel Diaz-Maroto

What do you think? Why does it not happen too often? What could make it easier for an organisation to accept pair coaching?

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