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My Coaching Story

More than 100 teams, 17 countries
Since 2011

Certified Team Coach® 
Flight Levels Coach®
Ontological Coach®

Better Change Fellowship Member

Agile Alliance Coach

Agile Mastery Institute Licensed Guide

Spanish and English

My journey

After getting my Computer Science Degree I started my career as a software developer in Madrid. Soon I became interested in IT Governance and I began to focus on discovering how to improve IT processes. I achieved CMMi and ITIL certification, however at that time I wasn’t often successful in influencing and improving the IT departments where I worked.

Then, the financial crisis was the catalyst for my move to Germany  in 2011, where I started working in a small startup at the time: Delivery Hero.

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In November 2012, I began my first role as a Scrum Master which ignited my interest in developing my coaching skills. I started reading up about it and attending the local Berlin meet-ups, like Scrumtisch. I grew iteratively. First I realised that in order to support my Product Owners, I needed to learn more about the role, so I pursued my CSPO in April 2014. I couldn't understand why people were so resistant to and defensive about change. I knew that Agile was about changing the mindset and decided to enroll in the Advanced Team Coaching Course with agile42. I learned new approaches which enabled me to help teams grow, for example by raising awareness of others perspectives. I also  realised that without alignment on where to go, it was difficult to really change. I worked for TomTom and for Rocket Internet before joining agile42 in 2016, where I stayed until May 2021. During my time with agile42 I worked for corporations and startups from a range of  sectors in 8 countries. I learned several scaled agile frameworks (LeSS, Nexus, SAFe), I studied different branches of coaching  (Co-Active Coaching, ORSC, Energy Leadership, Ontological coaching) and approaches for achieving organisational resilience such as ORGANIC-Agility. I also achieved the  Certified Team Coach (CTC) credential awarded by the Scrum Alliance, which enables me to certify  CSM and CSPO via coaching. I support organisations and teams to become more resilient by helping them to discover how to self-assess, create strategy and execute on it. In tandem I introduce the concept of “learning continuously” to dampen potential negative effects  of the change and amplify the positive.  I also work with individual Agile Coaches to help grow their practice to the next level.

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Flight Levels Coach

A Flight Levels Coach®  who focuses on achieving  business agility. 

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