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A frequent problem I am experiencing with agile coaches

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Lately I have been coaching several individual coaches. Some of them are scrum masters who have been there for a little more than a year and others are agile coaches who have several years of experience. All of them are passionate about helping their teams and organizations. They all want to improve and take their learning very seriously.

Having said that, I am puzzled about the following: almost all of them greatly limit their possible actions as a coach because of the judgments they make. By judging reality through their own prism, they are prevented from exploring other perspectives and are therefore much less effective.

Everyone judges, has their opinions and likes it when their proposals are accepted, of course. However, I believe that agile coaches should be especially aware of the following: in order to have better options to choose how to intervene in a system, our judgments and opinions are not as important as the objective facts that are happening. By proposing from a judgment, from the ego, I think many coaches lose credibility very quickly with those they want to serve.

What do you think? Do you recognize this as a problem in the agile coaches you have interacted with? What other problems have you observed?

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