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  • Multi-cultural experience On the path of agility for over 10 years in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland,  India and Brazil. In person and remote.

  • Diverse contexts: Coaching experience in StartUp, mid-sized companies & corporations coaching for Team Members, Product Owners, Leaders and Coaches

  • Certified Team Coach® (approx. 150 people worldwide) for the Scrum Alliance®.

  • Agile Mastery Institute Licensed Guide

  • Tailored approach combining coaching approaches (ORSC, Co-Active, Energy Leadership and Ontological coaching) and change management methodologies.

  • Active contributor to the community:, Agile Open Space, co-translator of Scrum Mastery by Geoff Watts 

Who I am


I am an organisational change agent specialized in agile transformation, coaching and trainer.

I have reached worldwide recognized accreditations and certifications in the fields of Agility and professional coaching including Certified Team Coach (CTC) by the Scrum Alliance. I am also trained as Organization and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC) by CRR Global, as a Business Ontological Coach by ECORE and as an ORGANIC agility professional.

I have achieved remarkable results by coaching teams and individuals working in an agile environment improving the ways they are working towards reaching their full potential. I have a proven track record helping diverse organisations adopt Agile Values and Principles. Within the last 10 years I coached and supported more than 100 agile teams within numerous industries, StartUps, mid-sized companies & fortune 500 corporations in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Bulgaria, Cyprus, India and Brazil. My strategic thinking and adaptive coaching style based on the group context in complex environments enable the organisations to significantly improve their learning speed, influence cultural change and positive transformation. I am especially passionate and committed to encouraging the professional development of other agile coaches, from their very early stage until they possess solid agile coaching competencies that allow them to get  international accredited certifications. My approach for developing coaches consists of a combination of coaching and mentoring, customised for each individual, taking the most of the coaches to develop their potential. I am also a Certified Agile Leader (CAL) working closely with management and leadership teams to support them on building and acquiring the required abilities to nurture Agile organizations. I am a well known contributor to the agile community, specially in Germany. I worked and collaborated with Geoff Watts and translated into Spanish his book Scrum Mastery

My journey

After getting my Computer Science Degree I started my career as a software developer in Madrid. Soon I became interested in IT Governance and I began to focus on discovering how to improve IT processes. I achieved CMMi and ITIL certification, however at that time I wasn’t often successful in influencing and improving the IT departments where I worked.

Then, the financial crisis was the catalyst for my move to Germany  in 2011, where I started working in a small startup at the time: Delivery Hero.

Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 17.03.32.png

In November 2012, I began my first role as a Scrum Master which ignited my interest in developing my coaching skills. I started reading up about it and attending the local Berlin meet-ups, like Scrumtisch. I grew iteratively. First I realised that in order to support my Product Owners, I needed to learn more about the role, so I pursued my CSPO in April 2014. I couldn't understand why people were so resistant to and defensive about change. I knew that Agile was about changing the mindset and decided to enroll in the Advanced Team Coaching Course with agile42. I learned new approaches which enabled me to help teams grow, for example by raising awareness of others perspectives. I also  realised that without alignment on where to go, it was difficult to really change. I worked for TomTom and for Rocket Internet before joining agile42 in 2016, where I stayed until May 2021. During my time with agile42 I worked for corporations and startups from a range of  sectors in 8 countries. I learned several scaled agile frameworks (LeSS, Nexus, SAFe), I studied different branches of coaching  (Co-Active Coaching, ORSC, Energy Leadership, Ontological coaching) and approaches for achieving organisational resilience such as ORGANIC-Agility. I also achieved the  Certified Team Coach (CTC) credential awarded by the Scrum Alliance, which enables me to certify  CSM and CSPO via coaching. I support organisations and teams to become more resilient by helping them to discover how to self-assess, create strategy and execute on it. In tandem I introduce the concept of “learning continuously” to dampen potential negative effects  of the change and amplify the positive.  I also work with individual Agile Coaches to help grow their practice to the next level.

Certified Team Coach (CTC)

A Certified Team Coach is a Certified Agile Coach® (CAC®) who focuses primarily on one or more teams or on a subset of an organization in a project or program. More information about CTCs can be found on the Scrum Alliance website.

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