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Three elements to consider for a successful organisational transformation

There is no recipe to ensure success in organisational change. As it is a complex problem, there is no causality, it is not possible to foresee what consequences the actions we take will have, we must experiment and extract patterns. This is why long-term transformation plans never work. The organisation must be able to learn and adapt in a sustainable way.

In my experience, there are certain elements that, if integrated, increase the chances that the organisation will extract the patterns necessary for organisational transformation to be successful and sustainable in the long term. Here are some of them:

  1. Organisational leaders must be able to articulate and communicate purpose. So that all transformation initiatives that emerge at different levels are aligned with that purpose.

  2. Develop the capacity to learn at the organisational level. If the whole organisation is aware of which initiatives have worked and which have not, the organisation will be able to adapt at all levels in a coherent way. For example, there could be a periodic review of organisational change initiatives.

  3. Invest in leadership as a capability. Change can come from any level of the organisation. On the one hand, formal leaders must be able to create environments in which a change initiative can emerge, and on the other hand any individual must have sufficient leadership to initiate and implement it. Investment must be made in developing leadership capacities at all levels.

In order to make the above points easier to carry out, it is advisable to implement internal coaching capacities, so that the change will be sustainable over time and external dependencies will be eliminated.

What do you think? What other important points do you consider essential to take into account?

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