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My Approach

Organisations should be acknowledged as an inter-relational social component, which is inherently embedded in each and every social interaction in the organization. Therefore, emotional intelligence is key.


My work is based on creating consciousness of thoughts and feelings, in order to focus on changing behavior to achieve continuous improvement and success at work. My idea of coaching is to get people to understand that they themselves are responsible for the quality of their own work experience, and their impact on others.


However, organisations and relationships belong to a complex domain. There is not a right or wrong to proceed, it depends on the situation. Therefore, I support  the organisation, team or individual,  to achieve their desired next stage reducing the fear of change and its risk by applying an empirical process based on short loop cycles. The different agile methodologies are just tools for filling the gap between the current situation of the organisation, team or individual, and the secondary stage that is desired to achieve.

Review context and define

In this conversation we seek to understand what is happening in the here and now, what situation we are in, what are the facts, what are the conditions of the external environment (to the team or organisation) and how we interpret them from the inside. We seek to identify what kind of problem we have to solve


The purpose is why we are building influence, it is the reason for taking action. Given the context we are in, the gap between what is happening and what we want to happen


The Assessment will deliver a report/presentation outlining my understanding of the situation (where are we now), the aims of the organizational change (how will we know when we get there), and my recommendations on how to successfully complete the required change (how do we start moving).


After assessing the situation, we will explore and discover together an initial strategy for starting the transition, based on our believes of what would make us come closer to the purpose


Usually, the first step after defining the strategy is to do an agile awareness training where we could explore all together what our understandings are about agile principles and values, empirical process control, push vs pull systems, iterative and incremental, lean thinking, and basic frameworks. Also those trainings can be role based (scrum master, product owner)



  • A structured path for the leadership to define what the organisation wants to learn and how

  • Leading and lagging indicators for success (a date when the results are going to be reviewed)

  • A list of possible actions that are to be taken in case of success or failure of the experiment


I will support the execution of the initiatives. Also I will ensure that organisation is enabled with the capabilities needed for keeping a sustained change.

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