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Coaching & Workshops
Online, In person or both

My Coaching and Workshop techniques focus on building capability and ensuring sustainability. I help you find your own solutions by pursuing continuous improvement techniques based on the belief that you can succeed independently. This differs from consulting - I will not tell you what to do or do the work for you.

While new concepts can be learned in a classroom training environment, working with a skilled coach can help apply these concepts within your specific environment. This is usually the hard part of a learning journey. Whether you are seeking to grow your own skills, unlock improvements within a team or across all or part of your organisation, I am here to help!


Transforming your organisation to become more responsive and more resilient is not trivial. Every organisation is unique and requires its own custom approach

I will partner with you on organisational change initiatives, from strategy right through to execution. Because all organisations are different, we start by having a discovery call with you


I accompany teams to reflect, support, advise, or consult during the coaching phase. My on-the-job coaching aims to build the team's capability through reflection and continuous improvement. I will not do the work for you. I will help you find sustained continuous improvement.

I will meet with you to understand the needs of your team, assess the current situation and co-create a coaching plan including schedule, intensity and desired outcomes.


I will work with you in one or more sessions to assist in tackling specific challenges, level-up your skills, or assist in your path to certification. It is a good idea to set a regular cadence for coaching in order to make progress, as you will be challenged to apply new thinking in your work and life between sessions. I work with people at all levels e.g. coaches, leadership and executives.

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