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Driven by your growth and forging connections for successful outcomes.


Organization and Culture

I specialize in transforming organizations to be more adaptable. By exploring the company culture deeply and partnering with my client to plan changes based on practical insights.

Business Adaptability

My Strategic Work Integration approach connects strategy and execution, linking different work areas to produce value. 

Team Empowerment

I provide team services such as tailored workshops and team coaching

Individual Coaching

I also develop individual development programs that focus on coaching, Product Owner skills, and leadership, all guided by cultural understanding and context-based decision-making.

Javier Perez Fernandez

More than 100 teams, 17 countries
Since 2011

Certified Team Coach® 
Flight Levels Coach®
Ontological Coach®

Better Change Fellowship Member

Agile Mastery Institute Licensed Guide

Spanish and English

I Promise

1 / Transformational Process

My coaching leads to personal and professional transformation, enhancing self-confidence, career growth, leadership presence and the ability to manage complexity.

2 / Customized Organizational Change

I partner with organizations on change initiatives, providing a tailored approach to each unique situation, from strategy to execution.

3 / Capability Building and Sustainability

I focus on empowering individuals and teams to find their own solutions, emphasizing continuous improvement and independence from consulting.


I am supported by an extensive network of professional partners, with whom I collaborate and mutually assist in various endeavors.

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In my blog I share news, reflections and some of my learnings over the years and how they happened.

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Franz-Künstler Str. 13, 10969, Berlin, Germany

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